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Welcome to East Coast Cannabis, the premier destination for your cannabis needs in Lebanon, ME. We pride ourselves in delivering a wide assortment of high-quality, locally grown cannabis goods.

Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis enthusiast or a newcomer, we stand ready to serve your needs. Our professional team possesses a wealth of knowledge and is always eager to guide you. From leisurely enjoyment to the quest for natural wellness alternatives, our selection caters to everyone.

At East Coast Cannabis, we believe in setting high standards. As a result, we operate under strict professional and ethical guidelines to ensure our customers have access to the safest and best-quality products. We take pride in cultivating our own cannabis to control and maintain these standards, from seed to sale.

At the heart of Lebanon, ME, we are more than just a cannabis dispensary – indeed, we’re a proud member of the community. Our patrons are not merely customers; they are friends, neighbours and part of our extended family.

Discover the difference at East Coast Cannabis – goods you need, people you trust, and an experience you won’t forget.