“Laugh and Sweat Your Way to Well-being with Core Progression Personal Training”


What’s the deal with prenatal pregnancy exercise in Austin, TX? Sounds like something you’d only find on an episode of “Seinfeld,” right? Wrong! At Core Progression Personal Training, we’ve created services as diverse as a New York City diner’s menu, and they’re all for you.

Now picture Jerry Seinfeld tackling physical therapy in Arvada, CO. Can’t you just hear him ask, “Why do they call it ‘physical’ therapy? Aren’t all therapies, by definition, physical?” Jerry may have a quirky way of looking at things, but take it from us: physical therapy isn’t just about the physical. It’s about rebuilding, relearning, and renewing your commitment to your health. And we’re along for the ride, providing a team of expert trainers who will guide your journey with a blend of compassion, empathy, and a can-do attitude!

Meanwhile, in another corner of our world, we offer pageant training in Boulder, CO. Yes, you read that right—pageant training, and we’re not talking about putting Vaseline on your teeth, folks. We’re focusing on the fitness element. Pageants aren’t just about the sparkle and shine; there’s a world of discipline, dedication, and a generous sprinkle of sweat. Underneath the tiaras and the gowns, there’s a whole lot of strength—and we aim to highlight that strength in our training programs. By the time we’re done, even Miss America will want tips from you on how to strut her stuff.

Under the bright stage lights of a pageant or in the comfort of our state-of-art gym for prenatal workouts, we at Core Progression have got you covered. And we won’t make you feel like Kramer in a New York Marathon. We prioritize a personalized approach, tailoring each session to your unique needs and goals to help you feel comfortable and, most importantly, progress.

So whether you’re in your third trimester looking to keep active in Austin, need some rehabilitation time in Arvada, or are gearing up in Boulder for that coveted crown, pin sash and the colossal bouquet, we at Core Progression are here to fuel your journey.

And if Jerry Seinfeld was to write a show based on us, we’re sure he’d title it “A Show About Everything and Anything to do with Fitness.” But until we grab our prime time slot, come visit us at our locations and discover a commitment to health and wellness that’s no laughing matter. It’s fitness made personal, right here at Core Progression.