The Need for a Marijuana Dispensary in Boles Acres and Tularosa


It’s no secret that the state of New Mexico has embraced the use of medical marijuana to help those with debilitating medical conditions who may benefit from its use. However, despite the state’s laws allowing for medical marijuana, the residents of Boles Acres and Tularosa, NM, are in need of a dispensary to provide access to the medicine.

The residents of Boles Acres and Tularosa are not alone—many areas of the state are in need of more dispensaries to meet the demand. There are currently only a few dispensaries in the state, which makes it difficult for many people to get the medicine they need. A dispensary in either of these two towns would make it easier for those who rely on medical marijuana to get the medicine they need without having to travel long distances.

In addition to providing access to medical marijuana, a dispensary in either Boles Acres or Tularosa could create jobs and help to boost the local economy. This would be especially helpful to these rural communities, which often find it difficult to attract businesses.

The need for a marijuana dispensary in Boles Acres and Tularosa is clear. It would provide much-needed access to medical marijuana and create jobs and economic growth in the area. Now it’s up to the community to make the necessary steps to make this happen.

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